You direct, we follow up


Experienced members of our team are motivational speakers, members of the Academy for Professional Speakers, NSA (National Speakers Association, USA),  who have been sharing their  words of wisdom during important events and shows for several years.


Principally on : 


  • Motivation/Personal Development.
  • How to help international companies win major projects (CEOs advisingCoaching).
  • The importance of understanding local people, customs and beliefs.
  • How to help international companies navigate through government laws and customs.
  • How to bring home the importance of adopting long-term working relationships with every single customer.
  • How to ensure a high quality, after sales services and thus embrace success.
  • Speaking Engagements.
  • Promotional events.
  • Speaking at local gatherings (Motivational and personal development speeches).
  • Conferences on how to improve your marketing programs and abilities.
  • Conferences on how to convince potential customers and close the hardest deals.
  • Corporate parties.

Past and present customers

CessnaActive PowerAfricairAltamaBell HelicopterCMF DistributionDouble Cola CompanyGKN PLCID Controlnationwide equipmentrhinolinings AlgeriaSecuriportTBW IndustriesTexas InstrumentsWyedean